Go Meatless This Lent with Manang’s Chicken Fish Specials

Manang's Chicken Fish Specials

This Lent Season Go Meatless with Manang’s Chicken Fish Specials.

  • Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet - Everybody’s favorite golden fried fish fillets covered with a delicious sweet & sour sauce. Served with rice
  • Honey Mustared Fish Sandwich - Crispy, fried cream dory with lettuce, cheese and special honey mustared dressing wrapped up in authentic pan de pugon bun
  • Eych Ibarra

    Hi, I just want to bring this to your attention that this afternoon, February 20 at around 5pm, we went to your store located at The Link (Ayala Mall), Daang Hari Cavite, to buy our dinner. We ordered the Php 569 package meal for take out. We waited at the table and indeed the food came out so fast. Btw, before we paid the food, we were asked for our choices of side dishes, dip, and chicken sauce. So we picked buttered corn as our side dish…So when we got the food wrapped in paper bags, we already left thinking that everything was in. To our surprise when we got home, the side dishes (2 buttered corn) and chicken sauce were missing. We could not go back bec we’re living far from the place…so we were so disappointed and we looked for any contact number but no available so I decided to post this message at your website. If I could still remember, there were no other customers other than us when we visited the store. It was so frustrating bec there were more than 5 food attendants in the kitchen and cashier section yet they we’re not able to provide a complete customer service. It’s not about the side dishes but it’s all about their efficiency in serving their customers…I just hope this won’t happen again. Just a simple review of the food before giving to your customer is not hard to do, anyways, this should be part of your job! This gives us a very bad impression that I don’t think on my next visit to Ayala Mall in Cavite, I will prioritize your store. Thank you.

    • manangschicken

      Hi Eych, thank you for bringing this to our attention and we sincerely apologize for what happened and although this was posted 4 days ago, we want to take a step in correcting this matter. May we request for you to send us your contact info, like a phone number where we can reach you, the store manager would like to get in touch with you. You may send it at manang[@]manangschicken.com Thanks again Eych and we are looking forward to get in touch with you very soon.