Manang’s Chicken Week 3 Fan of the Week

Jay Mark Isais winner of Week 3 Manang’s Chicken Fan of the Week

“I fell in love with Manang’s. I got curious when I read about the reviews. I thought I tasted the best Soy garlic Chicken already.But when I got the chance to taste it, It’s even better,crispier,and bigger than the “other” chicken. What makes it different is that it has a “Pinoy Kick” Flavor that intensifies as I nimble every piece of it. That’s how I fell in love with Manang’s.” – Jay Mark Isais

This week was tough. Choosing the winner was very hard because all the participants have gone the extra mile to express their love for Manang’s Chicken.

Aldrin Gersalia, week 3 Manang’s Chicken Fan of the Week Consolation prize winner

“It was my first time to eat here! Grabe! super delicious! Sauce pa lang pwede nang ulam + the super tender chicken. Oh! my! bakit ngayong lang ako kamain dito?! Thank you Manang’s Chicken! “Manang’s chicken..Ang Chicken ng mga Pinoy, ang Chicken na super enjoy!” :)) – From Aldrin Gersalia

It was a close fight between Aldrin and Jay Mark for the consolation prize, nevertheless it was a good fight.