Manang’s Chicken Ultimate Fan

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all the support you have given us since the day we started in Mercato up to the present.

We are very grateful for all the fans who submitted their photos as entries to our Fan of the Week contest. Those photos show just how much they love Manang’s Chicken. Congratulations to all the winners of Manang’s Chicken Fan of the Week.

Manang’s Chicken Ultimate Fan was launched after week 7 of Fan of the Week. All the winners of Fan of the Week had to submit a new photo expressing how are they different from other fans, fit to be called the Ultimate Fan. And again, we were touched by Christine Castillo’s entry for her daughter who is a very loyal fan to Manang’s Chicken, who had even made a new recruit to her very own Manang’s Chicken Fans Club.