Manang’s Chicken The Official Story

Manang’s Chicken was never meant to be a restaurant, what more a chain of restaurants.   The original recipe for Manang’s Chicken was created by my mom and soon after, it became a staple in our dining table, parties, and potlucks.  The name Manang’s Chicken came about because our longtime cook, Manang Linda was the one cooking the chicken all the time.  Whenever we would ask what she would be cooking for dinner, she would always say, “Jill, yung chicken na langYung may sauce.”  Eventually we would say, “Manang paluto ng chicken mo.” And then later on, it simply was called Manang’s Chicken.

We knew the chicken tasted good and that there was something different about it. Often my siblings and I would play with the possibility of selling the chicken just to confirm if other people think it’s as good as how we think it is.  However, with our full-time jobs and busy schedules, that idea was shelved for several years.  Then in November 2010, an opportunity came as I was reading one of the local blogs and saw that they were looking for concessionaires for Mercato Centrale, a weekend food market in the Fort.   I thought to myself this is the perfect venue to sell Manang’s Chicken as it is only on weekends and the best thing is, it requires minimum investment and commitment.  I quickly applied, got a slot and the rest you can say is history.

The early days of Manang’s Chicken in Mercato.

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    Thanks so much Dave! It is still unbelievable but we owe it all to our loyal fans and customers who religiously support us. :)

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    Thanks so much for your support! :)