Manang’s Chicken Price List Menu

Ang Bagong Fried Chicken ng Pinoy! Manang's Chicken Cuts Chicken Meal 1 piece cuts for 99 pesos, 2 pieces cuts for 149 pesos. Chick n' Spag MEal 1 piece cuts for 124 pesos, 2 pieces cuts for 169 pesos. Manang's Chicken Wings Wings Meal 4 pieces wings for 143 pesos, 6 pieces wings for 199 pesos. Sandwiches The ultimate crispy chicken sandwich meal for 139 pesos Crispy chicken sandwich meal for 79 pesos. Noodles Fried pancit meal for 85 pesos. Cheezy spaghetti meal for 69 pesos. Gift certificates and specia... 1065 pesos. Rice Meals Sesame beef stew meal for 99 pesos. Garlic pork meal for 99 pesos. Manang's fish fillet meal for 99 pesos Sides Manang's chips and dip dip: creamy cheese, garlic mayo, spicy ketchup regular with 1 dip for 39 pesos, large with 2 dips for 64 pesos. Bucket of chips small with 4 dips for 170 pesos, large with 6 dips for 305 pesos. macaroni salad regular for 29 pesos, large for 45 pesos. coleslaw regular for 29 pesos, large 45 pesos. Buttered corn regular for 29 pesos, large for 45 peso